Namecoach wins Best AI Tool 2023

The education sector is no small player—it’s a whopping $5 trillion industry worldwide! Moreover, projections indicate that by 2030, investments in the realm of edtech are set to surge to an astonishing $500 billion. This cash infusion is shaking things up big time in education, and in the name of all things innovative, the Tech Edvocate Awards are here to shine a spotlight on the top players in the industry.

Making the Namecoach difference

Namecoach aims to solve the common problem of name mispronunciation. We provide name pronunciations integrated right into your everyday tools, ensuring that you can confidently pronounce names accurately every time. 

Where Namecoach really shines is in the realm of AI solutions. Our differentiating factor is our expansive database. Rooted in meticulous research, backed by a vast repository of user-generated recordings, and enriched by surveys conducted with native speakers, our system boasts an impressive accuracy rate in offering name pronunciation recommendations. 

This comprehensive approach ensures that Namecoach constantly delivers the most probable and precise name pronunciations, elevating your communication to a new level of excellence.

Best Higher Ed Solution finalists

While Namecoach is a versatile tool used by an array of organizations and institutions, we’re thrilled to be recognized as a finalist in the Best Higher Ed Solution category. 

With Namecoach’s integrations, we’ve streamlined the process of getting accurate name pronunciations right in the tools you’re using everyday. Our seamless LTI integration ensures that Namecoach is easily accessible within the most commonly used Learning Management Systems (LMS), including Canvas, Moodle, D2L, Blackboard, and more. 

But why is this important? Well, getting names right the first time is a big deal for institutions. It creates a warm feeling of belonging on campus, demonstrates your dedication fairness and inclusion, and extends a cultural welcome to first-generation students. 

With the Namecoach technology, faculty, staff, and students record their name pronunciation just one time. Once you’ve got a Namecoach profile, everyone – from your professors to your classmates and even the folks announcing graduates – can smoothly access profiles and recordings across all systems. 

At the end of the day, these awards mean a lot to us at Namecoach. It’s like getting a big thumbs-up from the edtech world, reaffirming our mission to revolutionize the way we approach name pronunciation. We love being called “innovators” because it keeps our creative juices flowing, and we’re not just here to follow the crowd—we’re here to make the world of education more inclusive for everyone!

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