Frequently Asked Questions

Minutes! Our web application is 100% cloud-based, meaning that there is no download or installation time required. It's also easy to use, so no training time is required. This means that with minimal effort, you can start seeing the benefits of NameCoach at your institution within minutes, not months. Our Classroom Connect LTI tools also require no coding, only installation - which can take as little at 20 minutes. Our Campus Connect integrations require a bit of consultation, but are also designed to be very easy to implement using the latest API (Application Programming Interface) and SSO (Single Sign On) technology.
Not at all. We keep all user information, including names, emails, and any other personal information, strictly confidential. Email addresses may be used for NameCoach related communication (for example, requesting a name recording), but is not given to any third party. NameCoach is also FERPA compliant.
Once you create a Name Page (like this), go to the 'Request Names/Your Link' tab. You (or any admin for this Name Page) can then:
  • Copy and share the general recording link (like this) for your Name Page. This link is often shared in a mass email, or on your own webpage (for example, the instructions page for your commencement, school matriculation, or conference registration), or in a class syllabus
  • Request recordings through a our system, by entering an email address and clicking 'Send Name Request,' or by uploading an Excel or CSV file containing email addresses. The emails sent out contain a link to the online recorder for your Name Page, and those individual requests for recordings are logged in the 'Names Requested' tab. We highly recommend this method of requesting recordings so that you can use additional powerful features of the NameCoach web application, such as response tracking and mass email reminders.
NameCoach Classroom Connect enables users to record their names (and enter other requested information, such as gender pronouns) from directly within your LMS. Recordings (and other information) automatically propagate for access within the LMS by instructors for any course in which the user is enrolled, and are optionally available to other students in those courses as well. NameCoach Classroom Connect customers can also use the NameCoach web application to request and manage recordings.
NameCoach Campus Connect affords an array of options for collecting name recordings, including an SSO-based link or widget in your student portal, directory, or new student checklist. Contact us to learn more!
Yes! Admins can edit the default email templates, and change the sender address to be consistent with your institution’s domain. Please remember to not change or replace the recording link in any email template.
Yes! Admins can easily create as many custom form responses as they want, ranging from whether a student will be attending graduation to gender pronoun clarification. The NameCoach support team can also create custom form responses for you, depending on your needs.
NameCoach provides custom templates for collecting gender pronoun, honorific, and other information important for helping faculty and staff respect a student’s gender identity. This information can be embedded into class rosters via our API or NameCoach Classroom Connect. NameCoach is currently developing an advanced User Interface to ensure that students and schools have even more control and flexibility in serving the needs of transgender and other communities!
Yes! We can enable collection and display of photos in our NameCoach Classroom Connect roster tool (within your LMS), and via our API for everywhere else you need them.
You can give someone access in two ways:
  • Go to the 'Admin' tab on your Name Page. Enter their email and click 'Invite Admin.' As an Admin, they can then not only hear recordings, but have full access to all the functions on your Name Page.

  • Go to the 'Request Names/Your Link' tab on your Name Page. Copy and share the link to the 'read-only' version of your Name Page, from which others can only hear name recordings. This link is useful to give to people who want to learn the names, but don't need to be an Admin for the Name Page.
Many people consider their name straightforward, and existing methods often work ok to ensure correct pronunciation. But for many names, people benefit a great deal from hearing the recording. It’s important to give every user in your school, organization, or event the option to record if they - or the person saying their name - are concerned about the pronunciation of their name. It’s also important to recognize that different people often say the same name in different ways - whether it’s their own name or someone else’s - so don’t assume you’ll say someone’s name correctly, or everyone will know how to say your name correctly!
NameCoach is designed to either supplement or replace existing methods, including the use of namecards. People have a much easier time learning and remembering names correctly when they can directly hear (and practice) them whenever needed. Just check out what our customers say! The individuals's name and phonetic spelling will also be displayed next to their name-recording, and Admins can enter their own notes/phonetic spellings so that they have a truly accurate and effective way to get it right.

You can also export all data from a Name Page to an Excel file! This includes name, email, student and admin notes (and their phonetic spellings), and a link to the audio file. So it's easy to integrate with your existing processes - for example, to add the more accurate and effective phonetic spellings to your name cards, or print the list for reference at the podium.
Yes. Our mobile-web version of the site allows users to both record names and listen to recordings on most smartphones (including iOS and Android). Please note that a laptop/desktop requires a microphone for a user to record their name. Users also have the option to enter their phone number and record their name over an automated phone call.
Yes! We have a number of standard SSO-based and API-based integrations, as well as off-the-shelf tools for your current systems. We are happy to work with you to integrate NameCoach into any system. Please contact us!
The best way to use NameCoach for your class or course is with NameCoach Connect, which embeds pronunciation buttons and optional other information (such as gender pronouns) directly onto your class rosters. Contact us for more information.

If you are currently using the NameCoach web application, you can also create a Name Page, go to the 'Request Names/Your Link' tab, and then either copy and share the general recording link with your students, or invite particular students using their email addresses, or upload an Excel file with their email addresses. You can share the general recording link via a mass email, on your class webpage, or in your syllabus. If you would like all your students to have access to each other's recordings, just share the 'read-only' Name Page link found under the 'Request Names/Your Link' tab.
We continuously strive to make our site accessible to all users according to evolving technical and design best practices. We have developed the site so that user flows and web pages involved in a user registering and recording their name for a Name Page are compliant with the United States Access Board's standards for Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. Please contact us at for the latest Voluntary Product Assessment Template (VPAT) information and accessibility certifications.

While our first priority is these user flows, we will continue to make the entire NameCoach site compliant and accessible, according to WCAG 2.0 AA standards.

You can learn more at our Statement of Accessibility.
NameCoach complies with the applicable requirements of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (“FERPA”) and does not collect, maintain, use, or disclose any personally identifiable information from student education records except in compliance with FERPA. If you have any questions about NameCoach’s data privacy practices, please contact

You can learn more at our Student Records Privacy & Security Statement.
Please email us. We will respond within 1 business day.