Student audio name recordings collected on the web and delivered to your fingertips for easy learning and flawless ceremonies.

Don’t let mangled names ruin their commencement.
And don’t let figuring them out ruin yours.


Easy-to-learn audio name pronunciations in the tools you use, to make every interaction a warm one.

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Namecoach enables Dean Bennett to say every name right at UC Commencement

“I was so excited, you should have seen me! It was right there all at my fingertips, and allowed me to feel confident that I was going to say their names correctly. It’s a good feeling, and I don’t have to stress about it now when I’m at the podium, so I can focus on the students and enjoy seeing them come up on stage and receive their recognitions.”

— Dr. Aurora Bennet

From Zero to Zero-Complaints in Minutes

1. Share a Link

Please record your name! (DEMO)


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2. Get Voice Recordings

Users voice-record their names (and can enter phonetic spellings).

3. Hear & Learn Pronunciations

For the first time, we had zero complaints about commencement! We created a Namecoach account just 9 days before the event, but got a fantastic response from students – and everyone was noticeably happier. Our name reader is an expert who has announced Women’s World Cup, and he loved it.


Solve the most important
commencement challenge

Hearing their name (or their loved one’s name) called “trounced all other ceremony elements by wide margin” according to a 2015 GradImages survey. Yet it remains the outstanding challenge for ceremony planners.

“Tremendously helpful. The reading of the names is incredibly important.”

Therese McCarty, Dean of the Faculty and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Union College

Professional grade

Who really knows how to write or decipher phonetics? Or learn an unfamiliar name on the fly? When students record their own names on Namecoach, you can be 100% sure how to say them. And easily access recordings to learn and remember, like any language-learning software which is why even professional name readers and linguists love Namecoach.

“As an administrator and linguist who works with students from all over the world, I have loved using Namecoach to help my staff and meget better at pronouncing and learning students’ names.”

Julia Moore, Director of English Language Programs, Northwestern University

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