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How can Namecoach help you?

Corporate Diversity &

Inclusion for Diverse Workplaces

Ensure prospective employees feel respected from the first interaction with your brand.

Promote a sense of belonging and inclusion across your organization.

Help build stronger relationships between colleagues.

Sales & Lead

Don’t be a Stranger

Ensure SDR confidence by building instant rapport and reducing hangups.

Avoid the time and hassle of searching for inaccurate name pronunciations.

Boost sales by making a great first impression and a better lasting connection.

Better Customer

The Essence of Personalization

Ensure your customers and guests feel like you really know them.

Start off every interaction on the right foot, reduce churn, and boost repeat business.

Improve customer satisfaction scores


Leverage the most comprehensive and accurate database of name pronunciations in the world.

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How it works

Accurate Audio Name Pronunciations

Name pronunciations can be either user-generated or drawn from the world’s largest database of accurate audio name pronunciations, based on proprietary data and linguistic expertise worldwide.

AI and Data Driven

Many names have several pronunciations.
Namecoach’s algorithmic recommendation model surfaces the most likely pronunciation based on factors like nationality, ethnicity, gender, and location.

Henry Martin
Henry Martin
Henry Martin
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User Verified Names

Supplement Namecoach recommended audio with user-verified or user-recorded name pronunciations, pronouns, and other information that enables better connections with others.

Please select the correct pronunciation of your name, or record your own:

If none of the pronunciations are correct, you can also record your own:

Pronunciations Where You Need Them

Namecoach seamlessly integrates into the tools your organization uses every day.

Namecoach for

Namecoach for Salesforce automatically embeds an audio name pronunciation button for every lead and contact in your Salesforce instance.

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Our browser extensions enable users to layer Namecoach into any system or workflow.

Embed into

Leverage our API to embed Namecoach into your company’s internal systems.

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