Institutions committed to improving Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion have always faced an interesting challenge. As efforts to promote diversity grow increasingly and measurably successful, the need to create inclusive environments for those diverse populations becomes more acute. How do we even start to measure progress towards that goal?

Below is a snapshot of Namecoach usage at Foothill College as students and teachers met each other during the first few weeks of classes during the 2017 Fall semester. It’s a clear indication that professors are taking the time to learn how to say students’ names from the first interaction. Over 3000 times in those first few weeks, across 60+ classes, someone took a moment to ensure they could convey the message that ‘I respect you, you belong here.’

Kudos to the Foothill community.

Audio name pronunciation playbacks
Implementation: Foothill College, Canvas LMS

Learn more about how Namecoach is supporting student equity, inclusion, and success at Foothill College.

Header photo by Edwin Andrade on Unsplash

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