“We want to encourage a culture of respect on campus, and one of the best ways to convey respect to someone is to get their name right – and to get their pronouns right, too.”

Tom Black, Associate Vice Provost and University Registrar, Student and Academic Services, Stanford University


“Namecoach solved an important issue at scale. An authentic connection is core to our business and names are core to authentic connection. There is a business case for getting someone’s name right. Namecoach provides a highly scalable solution for this challenging issue. This product is an immediate no-brainer.”

Rob Gordon, Managing Partner, Launching to the Stars


“I usually apply to positions using my middle name to keep people from having that awkward moment of trying to pronounce my name. Your product will reduce this practice.”

Siobhan Sherrin, Cloudability Inc.


“Of all the tech tools rolled out in my 10+ years at CSUN, Namecoach has to be the best-received one I’ve seen. Faculty and staff ‘just get it’ and they love it! Namecoach was very responsive and addressed all our requests and concerns immediately.”

Paul Schantz, Director of Web & Tech Services, Student Affairs, Cal State University-Northridge


“Easy setup. Easy to use. Great support. Impactful Results.

One of the biggest ways to start off a bad customer experience is to get their name wrong, not just once, but repeatedly. Namecoach helps your inside sales team get the name right all the time. Easy to setup it lives on the lead and contact object next to the person’s name. Your reps can learn to pronounce the name correctly and in the correct dialect. If for some reason Namecoach does not have a recording of the name in question they will quickly research it and get it back to you. The support from the team at Namecoach is phenomenal and they are very responsive. Having a US based inside sales team selling software globally, Namecoach helped my SDRs establish rapport quickly as they were able to pronounce the name of the customer correctly. Must have for any company selling cross cultures/borders.”

Erroin Martin, Vice President Sales, Conversica


“I was so excited, you should have seen me! It was right there all at my fingertips, and allowed me to feel confident that I was going to say their names correctly. It’s a good feeling, and I don’t have to stress about it now when I’m at the podium, so I can focus on the students and enjoy seeing them come up on stage and receive their recognitions.”

Dr. Aurora Bennet, Associate Dean for Student Affairs & Admissions, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine


“The new service will help faculty, students and staff foster a sense of belonging among students… makes it easier for students’ identities and cultures to be respected.”

Dereca Blackmon, Associate Dean and Director, Diversity and First-Gen Office, Student Affairs, Stanford University


“Namecoach far exceeded my expectations, and has been a great addition to our commencement toolkit. While I once thought name mispronunciation was inevitable, with Namecoach I have changed my mind. I was able to quickly create the ceremonies I needed, assign permissions to the respective name-readers, and upload the email addresses of our graduating class. We started receiving responses from students within 2 minutes. This is a simply wonderful program, and we will be making it a standard part of our commencement process. Thanks to Namecoach, there are a now some happier graduates out there.”

Dan Leonard, Co-Chair, University Commencement Committee, Towson University


“Miraculous. It eliminates any possibility of error, and it is great to see how happy they are when it’s said correctly after their four years of hard work. This is a way to show a high level of respect.”

Tracy Tennyson, Director of Event Management, Hamline University


“We want to recognize what is important to our students and know they won’t always communicate those values outright. As educators, it is our job to put programs into place that show we care about what is important to them.”

Jason Markey, Principal, East Leydon High School


“Tremendously helpful. The reading of the names is incredibly important.”

Therese McCarty, Dean of the Faculty and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Union College


“Namecoach was a huge asset to the success of our graduation ceremony. It’s a simple, intuitive, and most importantly helpful tool to make sure that each person hears their name pronounced correctly during their moment of honor. I look forward to continuing to use the service to make sure that students are respected and announced accurately at our future events.”

Mike Wilson, Faculty, Haltom High School


“Namecoach has been quite effective during Commencement time by allowing our readers the opportunity to practice name pronunciation and make the experience for our graduating students that much more special. By providing this option to our graduating students, they feel that the Institute is invested in their personal graduation experience and that we value “getting it right” for students on this most important day. We have also used the service for incoming student groups which allows programs and their faculty the opportunity to prepare before ever meeting their new students. The system also comes in quite handy for other Institutional events such as awards ceremonies and other recognition events. The personal touch helps our students to know that we care about their experience as an IHP student.”

James V. Vitagliano, Assistant Dean of Enrollment Services/Registrar. MGH Institute of Health Professions


“Namecoach is really easy to use for both those uploading guidance on their pronunciation and those who announce names at our Graduation ceremonies. Using Namecoach reassures both sides that this will be done correctly. It also saves us time by cutting out the admin work associated with this important aspect of the ceremony. The support from Praveen and his team is also excellent. I would recommend Namecoach to any other ceremony organisers.”

Nicola Gambrill, Events Officer, University of London-Birkbeck College


“For the first time, we had zero complaints about commencement! We created a Namecoach account just 9 days before the event, but got a fantastic response from students – and everyone was noticeably happier. Our name reader is an expert who has announced Women’s World Cup, and he loved it. I truly think you have an amazing product!”

Barry Finnegan, Dean of Academic Services, Lindenwood University


“We take great pride in the diversity of our community and wanted to make sure that each student (and maybe more critically, each parent and grandparent) heard the name they recognized as our graduates received their diplomas. Namecoach has helped us do the best job possible on graduation day by allowing us to hear the students’ names in their own voices and giving us the space to make our own pronunciation notes well in advance of the ceremony. I can’t imagine prepping for our graduation ceremony without Namecoach.”

Todd Fleming, Director of College Counseling and Chair of Graduation Committee, ‘Iolani School

“Brilliant! I can 100% say I would be a different person if I had not had a “weird” name growing up in the US. I wish they had had this when I was in school. I now teach, and I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who was involved in making this.”

Nelleke Spanjaard, Harris Teacher, Somerville, MA

“Our Senior Dean has grown very fond of Namecoach and heavily relies on this service to help him out during our big ceremonies and events. On days leading up to an event I’ll often get a message from him asking, “Where’s the Namecoach!” Thank you for your vision and design of this remarkable product.”

Mijiza Maláne Sanchez, MPA, Ed.D., Assistant Dean, Office of Medical Student Affairs (OMSA) – Stanford School of Medicine

“Namecoach was a wonderful resource for our faculty, staff and students. Easy to use, and it was helpful to have our students record their name pronunciations for our faculty. It was one less thing we had to worry about! Graduation is such an important event for our students, and using Namecoach certainly contributed to the success of our program. Their user suppport was exceptional and they replied to our questions/concerns in a timely manner. We are excited to this for upcoming orientation and recruitment events!”

Olgalydia Winegar, Student Services Manager

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