The MarCom awards serve as recognition for excellence in marketing and communications. The awards are run by the Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals, bringing together thousands of creative minds in marketing, communications, advertising, public relations, digital, and web experts. Each year, about 6,500 print and digital entries are submitted from countries around the world. 

So, guess what? This year, Namecoach threw our hat in the ring, showing off our NameCOUCH campaign in 5 different categories—Social Video, YouTube Video, Social Video Series, and Marketing Video. Overall, we took home the gold in the Social Video Series, Social Video, and YouTube Video categories, and were selected as an honorable mention in the Marketing Video category! 

Social Video Series – NameCOUCH

Our first gold MarCom award goes to our NameCOUCH series as a whole! NameCOUCH is an eight-episode video campaign that dives into all things Namecoach. From breaking down our product integrations to answering the burning question “why Namecoach?”, NameCOUCH covers it all. Filmed in Nashville, Tennessee, the videos feature members of the Namecoach growth team and other talent, each discussing meaningful topics that resonate with our audience.

Social Video – NameCOUCH Integrations

Dive into the first episode of our NameCOUCH series, where we break down the magic of our integrations. Starring Mary Jane Williams, our Head of Marketing and Demand Gen, we’re thrilled this video also took home the gold in the Social Video category! This episode discusses everywhere users can leverage the power of Namecoach—think Gmail, Outlook, Learning Management Systems, Salesforce, and more.

YouTubeVideo – NameCOUCH Importance of DEI

We’re on a roll at this year’s MarCom awards and also received recognition for Episode 2 of our NameCOUCH series—“The Importance of DEI.” Darren Liu takes the spotlight, discussing why organizations should have diversity, equity, and inclusion at the top of their priority list. Plus, he dives into how getting names right plays a crucial role in fostering inclusivity. We also snagged gold in the YouTube video category for this one! We made sure to feature the entire NameCOUCH series on our YouTube channel so it’s super easy to access and consume for our users.

Marketing Video – Why Namecoach?

Finally, Episode 3 of our NameCOUCh series was also recognized, receiving an honorable mention. Our “Why Namecoach?” video tackles the question of “why not just Google a name’s pronunciation?” and the difference Namecoach makes when trying to find the most accurate pronunciation of someone’s name.  

We’re thrilled and honored to be recognized for our NameCOUCH campaign by the MarCom awards! This campaign had many creatives and talent behind it, and it’s amazing to see it recognized for not just one but 4 awards. While three of our individual videos had their moment in the spotlight, there’s more where that came from in our NameCOUCH series. Dive into the rest of the series to learn more about what we do here at Namecoach!

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