Introducing phonetic transcriptions from Namecoach

Our names are more than just letters, and in fact, many names hold cultural, traditional, and historical significance. This is largely true among Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders, and many other cultures. That’s why Namecoach has partnered with Procter & Gamble to leverage our phonetic transcription tool, in honor of Asian Pacific American (APA) Heritage month. 

This is the second year of P&G’s “The Name” campaign, emphasizing that “belonging starts with a name.” Everyone has a name, and for many APA, their given names acknowledge their cultures and traditions. Through our phonetic transcription generator, P&G leverages the Namecoach database to provide users with the most accurate transcription of their name and educate others on accurate pronunciation. 

Celebrating Asian Pacific American heritage 

May is recognized as Asian Pacific American (APA) Heritage Month, a time to celebrate the rich cultural diversity, achievements and contributions of Asian Pacific Americans. This month provides an opportunity to honor the history, traditions and experiences of Asian Pacific communities, while also raising awareness for the challenges they have faced and continue to overcome. APA Heritage Month encourages dialogue, education, and reflection, promoting a greater understanding and appreciation for the vibrant Asian Pacific cultures. We’re honored to be a part of celebrating APA heritage!

Journey to inclusive communication 

Namecoach partnered closely with P&G to integrate its phonetic transcription tool, an API that delivers accurate phonetic name transcriptions, for P&G’s “The Name” campaign. By incorporating our phonetic transcription tool, you send a powerful message of your commitment to inclusivity and diversity, ensuring that everyone’s voice at your organization is heard. 

The beauty of leveraging phonetics lies in its ability to create a more comfortable and welcoming environment for individuals to learn and pronounce each other’s names accurately. Often overlooked, this small but significant effort can make a world of a difference in fostering connections and building meaningful relationships. Leveraging phonetics creates an environment where pronunciation becomes effortless and understanding thrives. It empowers individuals to communicate with confidence, respect, and cultural sensitivity. 

See for yourself! 

Try it out by visiting P&G’s “The Name” campaign and entering your name. At Namecoach, we recognize that our names go beyond just letters, and honoring someone’s proper pronunciation is the first step in showing that you respect them. 

If you’re interested in leveraging the Namecoach phonetic transcription tool at your organization, we’d love to connect! 

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