We’re excited to announce that Namecoach is one of nine education technology startups selected to join Michelson 20MM Foundation’s EdTech accelerator, Michelson Runway.

Being part of this most recent Michelson Runway cohort aligns tightly to our mission of promoting equity and efficacy in higher education. Creating a more inclusive learning environment for students has become high priority for faculty and administrators in higher education and Namecoach is an easy, fast and proven way to help them achieve that goal.

We’re excited to connect with a vast network of educators working to enable all members of their campus communities with the tools they need to better respect students’ cultural and gender identities — tools which are particularly important for marginalized communities.

Our selection to Michelson Runway continues our strategy of partnering with leading higher education institutions, networks, and consortiums to improve student learning experiences. Most recently, we partnered with the Unizin Consortium, whose mission is to improve access, affordability, and learner success.

“Burgeoning partnerships with LoudCloud, Google, and Namecoach are positioning Unizin to continue to improve teaching and learning environments with digital technology.” – Unizin press release

Name mispronunciation and gender misidentification is a *constant* reminder that someone doesn’t belong. As Dereca Blackmon, associate dean and director of Stanford’s Diversity and First Generation Student Office, pointed out in a recent article, “mispronouncing students’ names and using the wrong pronouns can increase ‘belonging uncertainty,’ which Stanford research shows can affect a student’s performance, stress levels and overall sense of being a valued part of the community.”

Namecoach will continue to find ways to enhance respect and inclusion on campuses, with all the benefits that sense of belonging confers for students and campus communities. Our participation in the Michelson Runway helps get there faster.

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