NameCoach Connect

The elegant, powerful name pronunciation and gender identity solution loved by students, administrators, and faculty.


Stanford University

"We want to encourage a culture of respect on campus, and one of the best ways to convey respect to someone is to get their name right – and to get their pronouns right, too."

Leyden High Schools

"We want to recognize what is important to our students and know they won’t always communicate those values outright,” says Markey. “As educators, it is our job to put programs into place that show we care about what is important to them."


  • Foster real inclusion, in your classrooms and beyond
  • Never mispronounce, misidentify, or misgender a student again

  • Audio name pronunciations, chosen names and gender pronouns

  • LTI compliance means zero coding and quick installation

  • Students can record and update directly within the LMS

  • Automatically see pronunciations and pronouns for any class

  • Flexible deployment options

  • Institution-specific controls

  • Admin dashboard



Access name recordings and pronouns within any campus system.

All the Classroom Connect features plus:

  • Our API (Application Programming Interface) enables NameCoach integration wherever you need it
  • SSO (single-sign-on) enables a seamless user experience.
  • Want NameCoach in your SIS, CRM, or HCM system? We can make it happen.
  • Access to our growing audio pronunciation database
  • Leverage entire NameCoach platform, including our general pronunciation database, for any use case: recruiting, admissions, orientation, advising, fundraising, stewardship, etc.


Feature Spotlight: Gender Identity Module

Inclusion only starts with a name. Our rapidly evolving platform and advanced UI provide the flexibility and control for both students and schools to meet the needs of your community.


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